ロシア、ゲイ・パレードを粉砕 アクティヴィストを逮捕へ

Gay rights protest broken up in Moscow

Police disperse gay pride parade


[http://sankei.jp.msn.com/world/europe/090516/erp0905161927012-n1.htm:title=モスクワで同性愛者のデモ 当局が25人を拘束か] [産経ニュース]




モスクワでパレード計画の同性愛者、数十人拘束 [CNN]




Moscow to clamp down on gay parade [Radio Netherlands]

The authorities in the Russian capital Moscow are warning that they will use force to break up a banned gay rights parade that is to be held today coinciding with the Eurovision Song Contest final. Organisors are vowing to press on with the demonstration. Activists who in the past defied similar bans were harassed by ultra-nationalist skinheads and Orthodox groups.

Dutch singer Gordon, an outspoken gay activist who is participating in the contest and was planning to join the parade, has decided not to do so after speaking with the Dutch ambassador in Moscow. The culture minister, Ronald Plasterk, will discuss Russia's suppression of gay rights with the Russian authorities.

Slavic Pride '09 を取材している Flickr

[http://www.flickr.com/photos/gayliberation/sets/72157618108122321/:title=Slavic Pride '09 Moscow, Russia]

[http://alexeyev.livejournal.com/209296.html:title=Slavic pride の主催者の一人]であるニコライ・アレクセイエフ(Nikolai Alekseev、Никола́й Алекса́ндрович Алексе́ев、b.1977 -)

[http://www.flickr.com/photos/gayliberation/3531685114/:title=Nikolai Alekseev with Slovenian journalist] / [http://www.flickr.com/photos/gayliberation/:title=Gay Liberation Network's photostream]

→ http://alexeyev.livejournal.com/
→ [http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/nikolai_alekseev/profile.html:title=Comment is free: Nikolai Alekseev Profile] [Guardian]

同性婚を求めるレズビアン・カップルとニコライ・アレクセイエフのインタビュー(&ロシア正教会の「教え」を理由にアンチ・ゲイを公言するナショナリスト) 5月15日の映像。
Gay parade to take place despite ban?

→ [http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/600/42/377065.htm:title=Lesbians Lose Bid to Get Married] [Moscow Times]


[http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-gaypride17-2009may17,0,2736586.story:title=Gay activists in Moscow thwarted] [Los Angeles Times]

Reporting from Moscow -- The plainclothes security men came first, clustering in jeans, leather jackets and pointy black shoes. Then the policemen in gray uniforms and stiff hats; bulky men in dark suits who appeared to be in charge; a bus of riot police in camouflage.

A raw wind swept off the Moscow River on Saturday morning, past the souvenir peddlers with their tables of bright wooden matryoshka dolls and T-shirts emblazoned with Soviet iconography. The sky was low and dark over Sparrow Hills, a popular backdrop for wedding photos, a place for limousines, brides and champagne.

今回モスクワで当局に逮捕された一人、イギリスのゲイ活動家ピーター・タッチェルの Twitter



[http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/riot-police-arrest-tatchell-at-gay-march-in-moscow-1686295.html:title=Riot police arrest Tatchell at gay march in Moscow] [INDEPENDENT]

Mr Tatchell was released without charge in the afternoon after the British Embassy requested consular access to him, but most of the other participants in the gay demonstration were still being held by police. Mr Alexeev was separated from the rest. "We can't make contact with him," Mr Tatchell said. "We're very concerned for his safety and well-being."


[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8053181.stm:title=Gay protest broken up in Moscow] [BBC NEWS]

Police in Russia have broken up a protest by gay rights activists in Moscow, staged to coincide with the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Some 30 campaigners had gathered near a university in defiance of a ban on their march and many were dragged away by police when they shouted slogans.

British gay rights activist, Peter Tatchell, was among those detained.

A counter-demonstration by nationalist and religious groups was allowed to go ahead elsewhere in the Russian capital.

Equal rights

The gay rights group had been waving flags and chanting slogans demanding equal rights and condemning the treatment of gays and lesbians in Russia.

At least 20 were arrested as police moved in to disperse the protest.

As he was being taken away by police, Mr Tatchell shouted: "This shows the Russian people are not free."

Speaking from a police station, he later told the BBC: "The way the police violently broke up our peaceful protest is an indication of a drift toward authoritarianism that is affecting all Russians."


ピーター・タッチェルの Twitter によれば、警察に拘留されていたニコライ・アレクセイエフをはじめ全員が解放されたとのこと(ただ何らかの刑罰が科せられる恐れがある)。

また、Gays Without Borders には、アレクセイエフ、Nikolai Baev、Ira Fet、Vlad Ortanov が連名で声明を発表している。
Slavic Gay Pride を支援してくれた人たち──とりわけベルリンのロシア大使館前で抗議してくれた人たち、ストラスブールのロシア領事館前でダイインをしてくれた人たち(Action du 17 mai 2009)、外交ルートを通じて交渉してくれたドイツのフォルカー・ベック/Volker Beck 議員らへの感謝。一方、EU(英、スウェーデン、オランダ、フィンランド)の大使館の援助が得られなかったこと、 Slavic gay pride にベラルーシのアクティヴィストたちが参加しているにもかかわらず同国大使館が支援を拒絶したこと、米国大使館によるアメリカ人アンディ・セイラー/Andy Thayer への対応などへの失望。メディア、人権団体への感謝。
そして、来年(2010年5月29日)もモスクワで会いましょう! と。