ローマ教皇ベネディクト16世は4人の司教の破門を撤回した。その一人がリチャード・ウィリアムソン司教/ Bishop Richard Williamson だ。彼はホロコースト否定、反ユダヤ主義、ゲイ差別、9.11陰謀論……それらを臆面もなく発言してきた。
Bishop Richard Williamson - Gas Chambers, Anti-Semitism and the Truth

Bishop Williamson said recently: "I believe there were no gas chambers".

Pope in bid to dampen bishop row [BBC NEWS]

ローマ法王、ホロコースト否定の司教破門を撤回 [CNN]




Pope's decision outrages Jews

教皇の決定には怒りを覚える──リベラル・カトリックのグループ。不快感──イスラエルユダヤ人当局者。ウィリアムソン司教の発言はソサイアティを代表するものではない──聖ピオ十世会 Bernard Fellay 司教。

Group Says It Doesn’t Share Views of Holocaust Denier [New York Times]

A schismatic Roman Catholic society that Pope Benedict XVI recently rehabilitated apologized to the pope on Tuesday and distanced itself from the comments of one of its members, who has denied the Holocaust.

On Saturday, the pope revoked the excommunication of four bishops from the St. Pius X Society, including Bishop Richard Williamson, who said in a television interview last week that there was no historical evidence for the Nazi gas chambers. The pope’s decision has angered Jewish and liberal Catholic groups, among others.

In a letter dated Tuesday and released by the Vatican, the director of the St. Pius X Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay, said that Bishop Williamson’s statements “do not reflect the position of the society.” He added that the group had been “saddened” by the repercussions of Bishop Williamson’s remarks and the damage they had done to its mission.

“We ask forgiveness of the supreme pontiff and all the men of good will for the dramatic consequences of this act,” he wrote.

ドイツ中央ユダヤ人評議会/Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland シャルロッテ・クノブロッフ/Charlotte Knobloch 総裁、教皇の決定に抗議の意を表明、カトリック教会との対話も拒否へ。

[Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland]

Rabbis may halt Vatican talks over Holocaust-denying priest [Guardian]

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has threatened to break off normal dialogue with the Vatican over its decision to lift the excommunication of a Catholic priest who claimed that no Jews died in gas chambers during the second world war.

Dutch bishops distance themselves from Williamson [Dutch News]

Dutch bishops have distanced themselves from comments made by British Bishop Richard Williamson regarding the persecution of the Jews. Last week, the British bishop denied the existence of the gas chambers in German concentration camps during the Second World War. He also claimed that only 300,000 Jews died in the camps, not 6 million. The Dutch bishops call the remarks "disrespectful and idiotic". Catholic leaders in Germany have also distanced themselves from Bishop Williamson's opinions.

”反ユダヤ主義の最も下劣な振舞だ””ホロコーストを否定する司教の破門を解くことの意味は明らかだ……その人物に「信認」を与えることだ”──ノーベル平和賞受賞者エリ・ヴィーゼル/Elie Wiesel 氏。
Israeli chief rabbinate cuts ties with Vatican over Holocaust row [Telegraph]

Concentration camp survivor Elie Wiesel, 80, a past winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, said the Pope had lent credence to "the most vulgar aspect of anti-Semitism" by rehabilitating a Holocaust-denying bishop.

"The result of this move is very simple: to give credence to a man who is a Holocaust denier, which means that the sensitivity to us as Jews is not what it should be," he said.

Yoni Goldstein: The Church needs to get rid of fanatics, not encourage them. [National Post, CANADA]

Pope Benedict's decision to reinstate Williamson is a black eye on the Catholic Church. Welcoming back into the fold a man who proudly espouses a racist and paranoid worldview, and who encourages religious fundamentalism to boot, is unconscionable. The Church will be the worse for Richard Willamson's renewed presence.