北京オリンピック期間中は忙しくて、しっかりと観ることができたのは前半の男子体操ぐらいだった。後半戦は、ほとんど観られなかった。そんなわけでオーストラリアの飛び込み代表、マシュー・ミッチャム選手(Matthew Mitcham、b.1988)の北京での活躍を、やっと「ネットで」見ることができた。

Matthew Mitcham of Australia wins gold in 10-meter platform diving [Los Angeles Times]

BEIJING -- Matthew Mitcham grabbed the moment and simply wouldn't let go Saturday night, giving Australia its first men's diving gold medal since 1924 and preventing China from sweeping all eight Olympic diving gold medals.


オーストラリア代表選手、ゲイであることを公表して北京五輪へ [GAYJAPANNEWS]



ゲイであることを公にした男子飛込み選手としては、モントリオール、ロサンゼルス、ソウルの各オリンピックで計5個のメダルを獲得したアメリカのGregory Louganis選手がいる。同選手は1988年、ソウルオリンピック後にカムアウトした。

五輪=北京五輪、同性愛者と公表の出場選手はわずか10人─調査 [NIKKEI NET]


 Outsports.com は、同性愛者の選手の中にはファンやチームメートからの反発やスポンサーを失うことへの不安などから、公表を恐れるケースもあると指摘。不必要なメディアの注目が成績に影響することも、公表を控える理由だという。


Mitcham wins gold! [OUTSPORTS.COM]

In one of the biggest upsets at the Beijing Olympics, out diver Matthew Mitcham won a gold medal in the 10m platform. The Chinese were heavily favored in the event, and Mitcham was behind Zhou Luxin by about 35 points going into the final dive. But Mitcham hit an unbelievable score of 112.10 on his sixth and final dive to win by just over three points.

“It’s absolutely surreal. I never thought that this would be possible,” Mitcham said.

Out Australian Diver Matthew Mitcham Wins Olympic Gold [365Gay.com]

He came out in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in May, citing his partner Lachlan as part of the "little support network has made my dream possible."

Although there are 13 openly gay or bi women among the competitors at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Mitcham is the only openly gay male athlete competing in the Games.

Up until the last dive, even Mitcham thought he had a slim chance at taking the lead from the Chinese. “I wasn’t even sure of my medal chances at all," he told reporters after the win. "After I did my last dive and I saw I was in first, I thought, “That’s it, it’s a silver medal, I am so happy with this’ and then I won. I can’t believe it, I’m so happy.”


Interview with Matthew Mitcham after the gold medal

[Matthew Mitcham Official site]