ガス・ヴァン・サントハーヴェイ・ミルクHarvey Milk)の伝記映画を撮影する。
ミルクは、同性愛者であることを初めて公言した米サンフランシスコの政治家で、同市評議委員であったが、1978年、元委員のダン・ホワイト(Dan White)よってジョージ・モスコーネ市長とともに射殺された。
一方、この事件の裁判では、ホワイトは第一級殺人(first degree murder)を免れ、故殺(voluntary manslaughter)としてわずか7年というあまりに「寛大な」禁固刑の判決が下った。この判決に怒りを覚えた市民らによって「White Night Riots」と呼ばれる抗議活動(一部で暴動)がサンフランシスコ市内で起こった。

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Penn, Damon to star in Milk biopic [SF Gate]

For 15 years, filmmakers have attempted to bring the story of Harvey Milk's life and death to the big screen. Now it looks as if the movie will finally begin shooting, possibly as early as December, with Sean Penn playing San Francisco's first openly gay supervisor and Matt Damon as Dan White, the former colleague who assassinated Milk along with Mayor George Moscone in 1978.

Producer Michael London's Groundswell Prods. will bankroll the film to be directed by Gus Van Sant and is in discussion with a specialty distributor to release it, according to a story this week in the Hollywood Reporter.

↓ は事件を報じる当時のニュース映像。生前のモスコーニ市長、ハーヴェイ・ミルク、そしてダン・ホワイトも映っている。

NBC Nightly News, November 27, 1978

ハーヴェイ・ミルクの映画と言えば、ランディ・シルツの『The Mayor of Castro Street』(邦題『ゲイの市長と呼ばれた男―ハーヴェイ・ミルクとその時代』)の映画化にブライアン・シンガーが名乗りを挙げていたが、それとは「競作」になるようだ。

The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk (Stonewall Inn Editions)

The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk (Stonewall Inn Editions)



Penn to star as Harvey Milk [Reuters]

It's the latest chapter in a long-running race to film the biopic of the first openly gay prominent elected official, which has pitted Van Sant's project against another from fellow openly gay director Bryan Singer.

Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron ("Hairspray") have attempted to produce a big-screen version of Randy Shilts' 1982 bio "The Mayor of Castro Street" for more than 15 years. Warner Bros. Pictures attached Singer to the project two years ago.

This summer the studio's art-house arm, Warner Independent Pictures, brought in Singer's "Usual Suspects" scribe Chris McQuarrie to write a new draft of the script. But McQuarrie is now in Germany with Singer working on the Tom Cruise drama "Valkyrie" and also working on the "Castro" script, making an immediate production start less likely to happen before Singer starts his "Superman" sequel commitment.

In a coincidental twist, Van Sant once wrote a draft of the "Castro" project and was set to direct his adaptation for Warners. The script for his film was written by Dustin Lance Black ("Big Love"). Producer Michael London and his Groundswell Prods. are financing the film, set to be produced by "American Beauty" producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks.

もし、マット・デイモンのようなスター俳優がホワイト役で出演するとなれば、彼のシーンも当然、重視されるだろう。となれば、「悪名高い裁判」──トゥインキー・ディフェンス/Twinkie defense(ジャンクフードの食べ過ぎによる心神耗弱抗弁)や、陪審員からゲイの擁護者(pro-gay)を排除したこと、それこそがホモフォビアであった──がかなり詳しく描かれるのではないだろうか。そしてホワイトの自殺に関してもだ。

IMDB にはすでに「Untitled Harvey Milk Project (2009)」として載っている。

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