「ブロガー」ミリバンド外相、初登庁 ブログも「Moving on」

Miliband New Foreign Secretary

I'm tremendously honoured and absolutely delighted to have been asked by the new Prime Minister to become the Foreign Secretary in his new government. The opportunities and challenges of the modern world require, in my view, a diplomacy that is patient, as well as purposeful, which listens as well as leads, and those are the virtues that I will be trying to bring to bear in my leadership of the Foreign Office. I believe that the FCO is a unique global asset for Britain and I want to ensure it's deployed to maximum effect to help build a better Britain and a better world that Gordon Brown, the new Prime Minister, has laid out so convincingly.

また、ミリバンド大臣のブログも更新された。タイトルは「Moving on」だ。
[David Miliband's Officila Blog]

Profile: David Miliband [BBC NEWS]

David Miliband's Jewish background will be noted particularly in the Middle East.

Israel will welcome this - but equally it allows him the freedom to criticise Israel, as he has done, without being accused of anti-Semitism.

The biggest issue facing him will be Iraq, with three British soldiers killed there on the day of his appointment.

He is reckoned to be in favour of getting British troops out as soon as possible, consistent with Gordon Brown's declared policy of withdrawing when conditions allow.

Diplomats are wondering whether, as foreign secretary, he will become a blogger - recording his thoughts in an online weblog - as he was in the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

イギリスのイラク問題を含む中東政策において、ユダヤ系である外相の役割は大きい、とBBCは見ている。とくに重要なのが、イスラエルミリバンド外相就任を歓迎しているが、それは同時に、「反ユダヤ主義」という批判に怯えることなく、「自由に」イスラエルを批判できる(freedom to criticise) という立場でもあることだ。


He is listed as president of South Shields Football Club, but is nevertheless an Arsenal supporter.