サー・エドワード・ヒース元英国首相に関する「アウティング」に関して、保守党のアラン・ダンカン議員(Alan Duncan)が『インディペンデント』紙に寄稿した。

Personal Column: Alan Duncan - 'Admitting I was gay was the best thing I ever did' [INDEPENDENT]

ダンカン議員は保守党で最初に「公式に」ゲイであることをカミングアウトした政治家。現在「影の内閣」で通商・貿易相(Trade Secretary)を務めるダンカン議員であるが、かつて彼はゲイであることによって、政治家としてのキャリアを失うのではないかと常に恐れていたという。

I think it smashed a massive taboo, permanently. I was the first Conservative MP ever to come out of my own volition, and no one can take that away from me. My professional life has improved as a result. What used to bug me was that, after the announcement, people would say: "Oh, we always knew." I used to say: "How the hell did you always know? The cheek!"

The overwhelming reaction was fantastically positive. I've still got a box of about 700 letters, of which five were negative. And I still get letters - some say that what I did helped them feel that they could come out, and still be respectable. In Tory circles, unlike the campaigning left, it was always felt that it was a bit indecent to parade these things. If you were gay that was fine, but you didn't need to go banging the drum about it. But that attitude left far too much scope for people to conduct psychological warfare against gay people by being snide and sniping. I think that's gone now in the Conservative Party. It's now a source of humour, rather than nasty competitive jibes.



If someone in the party wanted to come out, and they wanted to speak to me, then of course I would offer them advice. My view, though, is that no one - in politics or anywhere - is obliged to parade their sexuality. They can keep it private if they want. I do not approve of outing people. Having said that, we should provide an environment in which it is easy to come out if they wish.

Cameron has been brilliant on this issue: personal liberties. This is a party that now embraces personal freedom in a way that suits the modern age. Previously, we used to be tough and moralistic. I don't like moralising judgements.



↓の YouTube の映像は今回の件とは関係ないが、参考まで。しかしここでもやはり同性愛に関する質問からは逃れられない──この「意味」をどれほど多くの人が「理解」できるのか。

Alan Duncan

[Alan James Carter Duncan MP]