「デモは民主主義のエクササイズ」by ライス米国務長官


Rice brushes off anti-war protests threat [Independent]

Anti-war campaigners have threatened to stage demonstrations throughout her stay, and a visit to a mosque in Mr Straw's constituency of Blackburn, Lancashire, has already been cancelled because of the threat of protests. 

反戦運動家」(Anti-war campaigners)は、ライス氏が滞在する到る所でデモ(demonstrations)の決起を計画。実際、ストロー外相の地元のモスク訪問は抗議活動の懸念によりキャンセルになった。

Rice acknowledges Iraq "errors," draws anti-war protests in Britain [Seattle Times]

A "Stop Condi" Web site was set up to organize protesters, and a planned visit to a local mosque was scrubbed. Two helicopters hovered above Rice's motorcade as she and Straw visited an aircraft factory, a school and the soccer stadium.

About 200 demonstrators gathered outside Pleckgate School, chanting slogans like, "Hey, Condi, hey, how many kids did you kill today" and "Who let the bombs out?" One yellow sign asked: "How many lives per gallon?"

Later, when Rice visited the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts — which former Beatle Paul McCartney had attended and later helped restore — protesters held red balloons outside and several students greeted Rice by wearing black T-shirts declaring: "No Torture, No Compromise."

"Stop Condi"なるウェブサイトも作られた。Pleckgate School の屋外では、"Hey, Condi, hey, how many kids did you kill today" and "Who let the bombs out?" One yellow sign asked: "How many lives per gallon?" というスローガンを唱和する200人あまりのデモ参加者たち。
ビートルズゆかりのリバプールでは、芸術学校の学生たちが、赤い風船を飛ばしたり、"No Torture, No Compromise."と書かれた黒いTシャツを着て、ライス国務長官を出迎えた。


Ms Rice, who is visiting the region as the guest of Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, said she had "no problem" with people expressing their democratic rights.

Rice brushes off anti-war protests threat [Independent]


Earlier she and Mr Straw had arrived to noise from both protesters and supporters.

"I find them an exercise in democracy, I don't find them off-putting or disconcerting," she told reporters.

Rice welcomes democratic protests [BBC NEWS]

また、TransNews の alfayoko さんより教えてもらった、U.S. Department of State のライス国務長官発言アーカイブの中の一つ ”Interview With British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw by Jim Hancock, BBC Northwest” においても、アメリ国務長官は「人々は多様で異なった意見を発する(voice)権利がある」、と英国内で起こったデモの印象について応えている。