パリで開催された国際ランジェリー・フェア(The International Lingerie Fair in Paris)。今年は初めてメンズ・アンダーウェア専用のブースが造られ、46のメーカーが参加した。昨年は24メーカーだったので、ほぼ倍増だ。

Men's briefs get bigger airing in Paris lingerie show [Yahoo! News]


"Men still do not take much interest in their underwear, but they are increasingly concerned about their appearance. So their relationship to their underwear is slowly evolving in the same way as their relationship to health care products," the study concluded.

At the men's space dubbed "Ideal", male models were strutting their stuff showing off the latest creations from such labels as Sonia Rykiel Homme, Fruit of the Loom and Sweden's Bjorn Borg.

"It's an undisputable trend that today's man is a consumer to be reckoned with and the craze for men's underwear is only going to get bigger," the fair's organisers said.


Kevin Myers 氏が英『テレグラフ』に寄稿したランジェリーショウに対する意見。

No, men don't do lingerie, and – David Beckham aside – we don't do thongs. However, we do do underpants, and British males spend on average £15 a year on them. That much, hmm: what a fastidious lot you are on your side of the Irish Sea. I happen to know how much I spent on underwear last year: nothing whatever, matching precisely the expenditure of the year before. As a matter of principle, I think that the life expectancy of a pair of underpants should be about a decade or so. The decisive factor in such matters is a failure of either elastic or of retentivity: in which case they go into the cleaning basket and spend another 10 glorious years shining shoes.

Kevin Myers 氏は Wikipedia の紹介でもわかるように、右派のジャーナリスト。その彼が「保守系」のテレグラフに書いているのだから、内容は多分に辛辣になる。ランジェリーという「L-word」にも反応しきり。

Thus the attitude to secret clothing is a defining feature of gender. For men, underwear is usually minimalist, functional and preferably eternal. Women, on the other hand, indulge themselves privately, finding pleasure in the unseen satins and silks that slide along their skin, and in the ornate lace of whose existence only they are aware. This is a world about which men know nothing, unless, that is, they have been blessed – usually, for some reason, by homosexuality – with a rare insight into the clandestine sensuality of women.