Ra-re の甘いゲイ生活ポスター


Oliviero Toscani よるイタリアのブランド "Ra-Re" のポスター。いい写真じゃないか、「夫夫」という感じで。アモーレ!

Italy snaps over gay poster excess [Observer/Gurdian]

'These posters are vulgar and a bad example for our children,' said a spokesman for the parents association MOIGE, which wants the adverts banned. 'It's not a matter of sexual orientation. They would be crass even if they featured a man and a woman.' Complaints have flooded in to the offices of Rome city council and an organisation called The Citizens Defence Movement has joined the chorus of criticism. 'Obviously we respect homosexuality but it can be difficult to explain to young children,' a spokesman said.



もっとも、かつてベネトンでその名を知らしめた Toscani 氏は、そんなことで動じない。この63歳の著名な写真家は、確固とした「戦略」を持っている。そのタクティクスとは、「物議をもたらす」ポスターによって、ゲイ・カップルの法的認知&市民権獲得についての議論をイタリアに巻き起こすことだ。

Toscani, who was behind the controversial Benetton clothing company adverts and whose career has been built on shock tactics, was typically unrepentant. The 63-year-old photographer admitted he had taken advantage of the current debate in Italy about the legal and civil rights of gay couples.